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It is part of the registered founding articles of the Al-Khwarizmi-Noether Institute (AKNI) that Dr. Sari Ghanem will remain forever a pure volunteer, working on a purely voluntary basis without any payment for any of his activities whatsoever, but he can hire persons with a salary to work for AKNI. The Al-Khwarizmi-Noether Institute is officially registered in Paris under the 1901 French law and all donations go directly to the institute’s bank account registered in France in compliance with the law for the official registration of AKNI. The Scientific Advisory Committee of Al-Khwarizmi-Noether Institute comprises Professor Sir Michael F. Atiyah (Fields Medal, 1966), Professor Laurent Lafforgue (Fields Medal, 2002), Professor David B. Mumford (Fields Medal, 1974) and Professor Edward Witten (Fields Medal, 1990). The current main projects of AKNI are:

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What is AKNI

The Al-Khwarizmi-Noether Institute (AKNI) is an international mathematics institute that aims to promote top mathematical activities at the highest international level among Palestinians and between Palestinians and persons from other communities including primarily Israeli individuals, in the spirit of promoting equality and diversity, however AKNI will not work with the Israeli governmental institutions. It was created by Dr. Sari Ghanem in July 2016 and is legally registered as a non-profit organization. Dr. Sari Ghanem is the founder and head of the AKNI project and will remain a pure volunteer forever for all his activities in AKNI.

What did AKNI do

In July 27, 2019, Dr. Sari Ghanem organised a Mathematical Olympiad as an admission competition-test to AKNI for Palestinian middle-schoolers. There were students who came out to take the test from 110 schools in Palestine, from both public and private schools, with more public schools than private. The 2019 AKNI Math Olympiad test was offered in four centres in Palestine: one centre in Bethlehem, one in Jenin, one Nablus, and one in Ramallah. In the year 2019, AKNI opened a new test centre in Jenin. The twenty winners obtained a full fellowship to participate in a two-weeks Math Summer Camp in August 2019 ran by Dr. Sari Ghanem. In June 2018, AKNI organized a Mathematical Olympiad test for middle-school students in Palestine; there were 453 participants, of which 229 are female and 224 are male, from 110 schools in Palestine, of which 66 are public and 44 are private schools. The 2018 Math Olympiad test was offered in four centres in Palestine: one centre in Bethlehem, one in Nablus, and two in Ramallah. In the year 2018, AKNI opened a test centre in Nablus. The first twenty-middle schools students who performed best in the Mathematical Olympiad test of June 2018, were exactly 10 girls and 10 boys. In August 2018, AKNI ran a Math Summer Camp in Bethlehem and in Beit Jala, for the selected middle-school students based on the Mathematical Olympiad test of June 2018. In May 2017, AKNI organized its first Mathematical Olympiad test for middle-school students in Palestine; there were about 500 participants, from both public and private schools. In the summer of 2017, AKNI ran two Math Summer Camps, one in Bethlehem and one in Beit Jala, for selected middle-school students based on the Mathematical Olympiad test of May 2017. In the summer of 2016, AKNI ran its first Math Summer Camp in Bethlehem for excellent Palestinian middle-school students. Other activities so far included follow-up training during the year through worksheets for the Summer Camp participants, guidance and supervision of undergraduate thesis to university students in Palestine, and providing advice to schools in Palestine about Mathematics curriculum.

What will AKNI do

For the year 2020 and beyond, AKNI is preparing to develop online teaching not only because of the COVID-19 outbreak, but also to teach online along the year the AKNI students, who are in Palestine and have no one to help them. AKNI is also preparing for follow-up training during the year for the AKNI students who start the university. AKNI is planning continuous annual Mathematical Olympiad tests to select students in grades 6 to 9. Also, AKNI is planning for continuous annual Math Summer Camps for Palestinian students selected based on the annual Mathematical Olympiad tests. Further plans include training sessions of Palestinian math teachers, creation of a mathematics library in Palestine, an International Math Summer Camp in Europe for talented high-school students, and making Palestine participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Long term plans include research activities.

Why to donate for AKNI

AKNI is in need for financial funding for the follow-up activities during the year, for the annual Mathematical Olympiad test for selection, for the Math Summer Camps and for further development of the institute. Whereas Dr. Sari Ghanem is working on various channels in attempt to secure long term funding, keeping the current momentum is crucial for AKNI’s future success.

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